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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


Temperature [ F° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ mph ] Rain [ in ] Barometer [ inHg ] Baro Trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

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Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Quebec MontrealOvercastOvercast22 C20 C88%5 kmh WNWWNW1312.4 mm1007.0 hPaSteady
Ontario UnionvillePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy80 F72 F75%3 mph WW0.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
Connecticut Branford-1ClearClear66 F65 F96%0 mph EE0.00 in29.99 inHgFalling Slowly
Connecticut Branford-2ClearClear67 F66 F94%4 mph SWSW40.00 in29.90 inHgSteady
Connecticut HamdenClearClear65 F64 F97%0 mph ESEESE0.00 in30.02 inHgSteady
Connecticut ShermanClearClear68 F62 F81%1 mph SSWSSW10.00 in30.08 inHgFalling Slowly
Maine Hermonlight Rain +Mistlight Rain +Mist56 F54 F94%0 mph SSESSE30.01 in29.89 inHgSteady
Maine TurnerClearClear57 F56 F97%0 mph WSWWSW0.01 in29.87 inHgSteady
Massachusetts AuburnSunnySunny65 F59 F82%1 mph WSWWSW10.00 in29.93 inHgSteady
Massachusetts CambridgeMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy71 F61 F69%2 mph SWSW100.00 in29.92 inHgSteady
Massachusetts LexingtonOvercastOvercast69 F61 F78%2 mph SWSW60.00 in29.91 inHgSteady
Massachusetts LowellClearClear71 F60 F70%1 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.92 inHg-0.044
Massachusetts MedfieldSunnySunny70 F64 F79%2 mph ESEESE10.00 in30.04 inHgSteady
Massachusetts MiddleboroughClearClear69 F66 F90%0 mph SWSW10.00 in30.02 inHgSteady
Massachusetts MilfordPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy66 F62 F87%0 mph WW0.00 in29.92 inHgSteady
Massachusetts PlymouthClearClear68 F63 F82%4 mph SS0.00 in29.95 inHgSteady
Massachusetts RockportMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy63 F59 F88%17 mph SSWSSW200.00 in29.92 inHgSteady
Rockport Thacher IslandMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy61 F58 F90%0 mph 0.00 in29.87 inHgSteady
Massachusetts WestminsterSunnySunny69 F56 F62%7 mph SSWSSW90.00 in29.98 inHgSteady
New Hampshire ClaremontSunnySunny69 F56 F63%0 mph SS0.00 in29.90 inHgSteady
New Hampshire Fremont-68 F62 F79%2 mph SS90.00 in29.92 inHgSteady
New Hampshire LisbonBroken CloudsBroken Clouds66 F59 F77%2 mph SSWSSW30.00 in29.84 inHgSteady
New Hampshire PittsburgHazeHaze59 F58 F97%0 mph NWNW0.15 in29.79 inHgFalling Slowly
New Jersey Hasbrouck HeightsPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy73 F65 F77%2 mph SS60.00 in29.99 inHgSteady
New Jersey HobokenSunnySunny73 F67 F80%3 mph SS20.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
New Jersey SuccasunnaMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy67 F62 F84%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.96 inHgSteady
New Jersey SussexClearClear69 F65 F86%0 mph SWSW10.00 in30.05 inHgSteady
New Jersey Woodland ParkClearClear76 F63 F65%1 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.99 inHgFalling
New York ClayMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy78 F67 F69%0 mph WW0.00 in29.84 inHgFalling Slowly
New York ColonieMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy70 F63 F80%0 mph ESEESE30.00 in29.91 inHgFalling Slowly
Northport Crab MeadowCloudy2Cloudy274 F69 F83%1 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.00 inHgSteady
New York East MasonvilleSunnySunny66 F65 F98%0 mph SS0.00 in29.96 inHgSteady
New York ElmaOvercastOvercast79 F72 F79%1 mph WW30.00 in29.91 inHgSteady
New York FarmingvilleCloudy2Cloudy271 F69 F93%3 mph SWSW40.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
New York HessvilleSunnySunny75 F69 F81%14 mph SWSW130.00 in29.89 inHgFalling Slowly
New York Lockport Offline
New York NorthportOvercastOvercast71 F65 F83%1 mph SSESSE0.00 in30.02 inHgSteady
New York Southwest HoosickClearClear72 F62 F70%0 mph SWSW0.00 in29.86 inHgSteady
New York TarrytownSunnySunny72 F65 F78%3 mph SSWSSW20.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
New York WestmorelandSunnySunny68 F67 F97%0 mph SWSW0.00 in29.98 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania AlbrightsvilleClearClear66 F64 F93%0 mph NN0.00 in30.04 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania AllentownOvercastOvercast71 F64 F79%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania ArchbaldClearClear66 F65 F94%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in29.99 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania GreensburgPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy73 F73 F100%1 mph NN20.00 in30.05 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania Lake WynonahSunnySunny69 F68 F96%0 mph ENEENE0.00 in30.02 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania LancasterMistMist74 F68 F83%0 mph SWSW0.00 in30.09 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania Mechanicsburg-2Cloudy2Cloudy270 F66 F88%0 mph SWSW0.00 in30.01 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania New HollandCloudy2Cloudy274 F67 F78%0 mph SSESSE10.00 in30.02 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania Penn Lake ParkClearClear64 F62 F95%0 mph WW0.00 in29.93 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania PunxsutawneyMistMist67 F64 F90%0 mph NWNW0.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania SmethportMistMist64 F64 F99%0 mph NN0.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania ThornhurstClearClear62 F61 F97%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania YorkClearClear73 F67 F82%4 mph WSWWSW20.00 in30.03 inHgSteady
Vermont JerichoMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy75 F64 F68%1 mph SWSW40.00 in29.82 inHgSteady

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

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